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Bixolon S300 Label Printer Setup Guide

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Step 1: Connect Printer To Tablet via Bluetooth

  1. Ensure that the Bixolon S300 printer is connected to power and turned on.
  2. In your tablet settings, navigate to Bluetooth and connect to the Bixolon S300 printer.

Step 2: Setup Printer in Fresh KDS

  1. Once the printer is connected, open the Fresh KDS app.
  2. Select Settings in the top left, and then select Printers.

    Note: if you do not see Printers in the menu, your account is not on the "Advanced" tier, and you will need to upgrade your subscription.
  3. Click Add New Printer.
  4. Select Bixolon S300 once it appears in the list.
  5. Rename the printer so that it is easily identifiable in the future.
  6. Choose the options for your specific use case. Label Printer will print labels, while Ticket Printer will print paper tickets. If applicable, enable Automatic Printing, otherwise leave that option toggled off. If automatic printing is disabled, you will have the option of printing individual items from a ticket.
  7. Select Configure.
  8. Click Test Print. A test print will be sent to the printer.
  9. Once a printer has been setup, a Print icon will appear at the bottom of tickets. If automatic printing is enabled, this will allow you to reprint the ticket. Otherwise, you will be prompted to select which items to print.