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How Do I Configure Fresh KDS As A Printer In Clover?

  • Ensure that the device running Fresh KDS is connected to the same WiFi network as the device running Clover
  • On the Clover device, open the Printers app, click the Plus icon (+) in the bottom right corner, and select Add Order Printer
  • The KDS screen will be listed as a Star SP700 printer - select the printer
  • Enter a name for each Fresh KDS screen
  • The KDS screen will now be listed as a connected Order Printer - tap the printer
  • Enter a new Printer Name so the KDS screen can be easily identified
  • Click Print Test Receipt to verify the connection is active
  • Check the label groups to auto-print. Items assigned to these labels will be sent to the KDS based on the Clover Order Receipts settings.
  • Click Save to save the changes and complete the printer setup