A beautifully simple
kitchen display system.

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See what Fresh KDS is all about
Goodbye, paper. Hello fresh.
Just what you've been looking for.
Fresh KDS is a tablet-based kitchen display system which integrates with Square, Clover, and Talech. It's incredibly simple to use, totally wireless, and completely affordable.
How does it work?
This is as easy as it gets.
Orders display in real-time

and change from green to red as ticket time increases.

Tap the screen

to mark an order complete and *poof* it's gone.

Fresh KDS displays more than 100,000 orders EVERY DAY
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Fresh KDS Feature - Square


Fresh KDS works with  Square, Clover, Union, and Talech

Fresh KDS Feature - Wireless


No cords to get tangled in. Just connect to your wireless network.

Fresh KDS Feature - Paperless

Paperless Workflows

Remove the clutter of tickets in the kitchen.  Reduce paper expenses. Save the planet.

Fresh KDS Feature - Amazing Support


Sometimes things happen.
If you need help we'll be here.

Fresh KDS - Detailed Analytics
Improve ticket times
with detailed order analytics
Gain insights into a wide variety of key metrics for your kitchen, including average ticket times by day or week. This can help you operate more efficiently and improve order consistency.

Priced just right

No surprises. No contract. No risk.
Fresh KDS - PricingFresh KDS - PricingLet's get started
Currently available in the following countries:
Costa Rica
New Zealand
United States
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