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You Asked.
We Listened.

You Asked. We Listened.

We spent more than a year completely rebuilding Fresh KDS from the ground up.

In June of 2018 we officially released the new app to our existing customers, and now it's time to turn the legacy system off. So check out the highlights below, and then UPGRADE TO THE NEW SYSTEM.

Features and Improvements
You're gonna love this...
  • Multi-Platform
    Fresh KDS is now available for both Android AND iOS!
  • Cross-Screen Communication
    Clear orders from multiple screens simultaneously, or to send orders from one screen to another.
  • Improved Stability
    Say goodbye to dropped tickets and disappearing orders.
  • Amazing Support
    Well-trained, knowledgeable and friendly customer support specialists.
  • Split Screen View
    Divides the screen into two sections, allowing different order types to appear on different rows.
  • Tile View
    More tickets on the screen! Additional tickets are placed under the previous ticket before going to the next column.
  • Take-Out View
    Route tickets to a second view on the KDS screen that can be used to keep track of orders waiting for pick up.
  • Caution and Late Times by Order Mode
    Adjust time it takes tickets to change color based on order mode.
  • More Screens!
    Now you can add up to 10 KDS screens per location!
  • Clear Individual Ticket Items
    Stay organized by clearing individual items from complicated orders.
  • Improved Analytics by Location
    Track ticket times and order volumes by individual location.
  • In-App Metrics
    View order analytics directly in the Fresh KDS app.
  • Multiple Themes
    Standard view is beautiful and sleek, while "dark view" provides high contrast for bright kitchens.
  • Order-Tracker
    A companion app to Fresh KDS that enables you to turn any TV or monitor into a customer-facing order status screen.
  • Sound Alerts
    Option to enable a sound notification as orders come in.
  • Mute Orders
    Temporarily disable a screen while it is not being used without affecting reporting metrics.
  • Streamlined Billing
    In-house subscriptions now allow us to build integrations with more POS providers!
  • Improved Integration with
    Displays order source for tickets received via ToGo.
  • Fresh Tools Dashboard
    Our new management system that allows complete control from a central location.
  • Multi-Brand Support
    Work with multiple brands? Now you can track all order stats from the Fresh Tools dashboard.
  • Intuitive Settings Menu
    Makes navigating options and adjusting settings easier.
  • New Integrations
    Fresh KDS now works with Square, Clover, Talech, & Union!
  • Hard-Wired Options
    Connect your devices with an adapter and wire so that network issues do not cause disconnections.
  • Bump Bar Support
    We now support the Bematechus/Logic Controls KB1700 USB bump bar!
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*Concerned about the price change? See I'm a Loyal Customer - Why Is The Price Increasing?

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